The Church and America

Our founding fathers believed that our new nation was a melding pot; that the diverse ethnic and racial groups would retain would retain their identity but unite as “one nation under God.” John Adams, our second president, wrote that “immigrants must cast their European skin and never resume it. “They must look forward to their posterity, rather than backward to their ancestors.” And so it was in the 19h century as our nation grew and became more diverse. Late in the 20th century the cult of ethnicity arouses which insist that every group should be identified with their past rather than to become a part of the American “melding pot.”

More and more immigration came into the 21st century bringing more and more diversity and disunity of “one nation under God.” Presently some communities have English as a second Language. Religious Groups were a large influence in the development of the ideological planks of the constitution. The Christian foundation of our country was shaken by the influx of other religions as they seek the heart and soul of Americans. As the population grows in diversity members of those other than Christians will be elected as our representatives. Christ’s Church remains unshaken. God’s agenda does not include just Americans but all the world. There is no special place in heaven for Americans. So Christians who are American’s; our priorities – God – Family- America.; and love for all

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