Our Mission is to remind those in need that God loves them and wants us to love and help one another.

To become a part of this Mission is simple. Observe and see someone in need and help them. Then pass the card to them as a reminder that God loves them and wants them to love and help each other. The card offers the recipient the opportunity to in turn pass on the card with an act of kindness. You will find there are limitless opportunities to help others by just being aware and observing others.


  • It could be a total stranger that needs help with instructions or directions that can start a conversation
  • It could be a friend that just needs to talk that starts your conversation.
  • Enclosing the card when sending a birthday card or Christmas card.
  • Leave the card with someone you have done something for when they do not even know who it was that helped them.
  • Helping someone financially or by offering your services to help with a project or fix something.
  • The person on the street intersections – hand the card wrapped in a one dollar bill.
  • You will discover many ways to pass the card.
  • A project for your church or small groups

Expectations of the Card

  • We do not convert people! God does that through the Holy Spirit, but we can encourage and demonstrate our faith by acts of kindness.
  • What we do today may take seed much later or not at all, but it is a reminder to those we encounter that God loves them.
  • We only may start someone to think about God and turn toward God.
  • We may start a personal relationship that ends in conversations that lead to questions.
  • Your testimony is the best way to answer questions. If nothing happens that is ok, but you have demonstrated that you care and reminded them of Gods Love for them.
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