let's share together

We wish to assist others that have other programs to share information about their work. We will be glad to place a link to your site and give you space to give a short description about what you do. Please send your link and the description to

We do ask that in return, you include a link to our site on your website“.

Thank you!

We want you to help us grow!

  • We are interested in growing this program through Christians and invite you to share your ideas as to what we should provide on this website.
  • We are offering you the opportunity to grow with us by your contributions and suggestions.
  • We welcome existing agencies that want us to link to your messages and services.

Areas that we are currently exploring:

  • Weekly scripture postings with commentary related to today’s worldly temptations
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Postings of youth programs ( Links to schools and churches )
  • What you have always wanted to know? about … Church doctrine … the Bible … Christianity
  • Looking for a Church ? …List of churches and websites
  • Counseling Information
  • Information and explanations of the local Celebrate Recovery Programs
  • Listing of food pantries and family help centers
  • Cross Roads Great Banquet info

If you are interested in any of the above areas of service please email or call me at the links below with what you have in mind.

Please feel free to contact us using…

  • the contact form below,
  • emailing us directly,
  • or visit us on Facebook
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