Gene Robertson

Youth Violence

The Indy Star is now addressing Teen Violence as youth violence. Why? Because., thedowntown “Shoot-Out’’ last Saturday involved a 16 old girl, one 16 year old boy .three 14 yearold girls and one 12 year old . This was after 11:30 pm . The Mayor is struggling to decrease allcrime . The newest answer is …

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The Church and America

Our founding fathers believed that our new nation was a melding pot; that the diverse ethnic and racial groups would retain would retain their identity but unite as “one nation under God.” John Adams, our second president, wrote that “immigrants must cast their European skin and never resume it. “They must look forward to their …

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2020 America Votes

This year we will have the largest turn out of eligible voters in a presidential election. But what does an American voter look like? The American voter looks much different than the post WWII voters of the 40’s and 50’s. We are a very diverse nation of: Protestants – Catholics –   Muslims – and now …

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