Hear the Word of the Lord said Isaiah

This taken from Isaiah 1:10 verse 10 – Hear the word of the Lord you rulers of Sodom ! Isaiah the Prophet of Israel and Judah warns of God’s coming Judgment upon the now two Jewish Nations. Israel had just divided and became two kingdoms; Israel ( North) and Judah (south). Under Godless leaders Israel had drifted away from God and Judah was heading the same way. Their allies had turned on them and were under attach. Isaiah verse1:7 Your country is desolate .. Your cities burn with fire. The people had turn their ways from God and replaced him with false Gods ( Anything we put before God in Importance ) . Went we are separated from God we fall into sin and forget about our covenant with our creator. The only way to restore our return to God is by confessions ,obeying and communication with our Lord . Has America drifted away from … in God we trust? Is that where we are today ? Our Laws reflect our values as a nation…. Are we another Judah? God did keep his Promises to Israel and Judah. He will, I pray, restore America as a Christian Nation. However, Christ Church is going to succeed in the end and our allegiance is to Christ. God’s will ,will be done !

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