Has God Put us on “Pause”?

Using tech terms, has God hit the pause button? The following from todays on line Sermon notes given by the Chapel Rock Minister Casey Scott. Could it be through our busy lives prior to the COVID 19 Pandemic had we were too busy for God? Somewhere did we lose contact with our creator? Had we forgotten who made this universe and all that’s in it? Did we grow too smart for God? Has God become for some, just an academic and political idea for debate? These questions from my mind were spurred by todays sermon.
Casey suggest that God has put us on pause; stopped all of our actions so that we can get to know him again. Casey referenced Nehemiah 8:1. This book was written at a time when the Israelites were returned to Jerusalem after the Captivity to rebuild not only broken walls but broken lives from living in captivity. Nehemiah gathers the people together and has Ezra read God’s laws. They read all morning until after noon to the people making it clear to all who understood and it was read by elders to all so they could understand until dark. The law was read over and over to the people. They understood and they wept and repented and worshipped. Are we in a similar situation today as were the Israelites returning from years of captivity separated from God ?
God has always kept his covenants it is we who stray from him. Casey outlined how we can return to God through this Cycle:

  • Revelation – Knowing who God is by reading the Word – Acceptance in your Heart
  • Understanding -by getting to know him better by repetitive study of God’s Word
  • Obedience – Through understanding who God is !
  • Related Cycle
  • Conviction – true desire to know God and how you are related
  • Repentance- By knowing how you measure up
  • Reverence – Worship

Maybe we are all finding the things in our lives that were so important are now changing and God is coming back into focus! Go to Chapel Rock.org and you will find today’s message by Casey in the Achieves.

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