Have we American moved from this to:

Jerusalem staggers
Juda is falling,
Their words and deeds are against the Lord,
Defying his glorious presence
The look on their faces testifies against them ;
They parade their sin like Sodom
They do not hide it
Woe to them
They have brought disaster upon themselves 
Isaiah 3- 8 and 9

Do not read into this any specific sin.  The point is that we as a nation are not following the ways of the Lord and our Blessings of Old are at risk with God because we have moved away from God to a position established by ourselves to justifying our laws and acceptable behavior measured by our own values !

Our Nation is under siege as was Jerusalem and Judah in that day in History Day!  What is True? We have no measuring stick because we have moved from God by the Laws we have passed . Power of Government Control is the driving force. The new definition of Truth. It is defined as “ What it takes to have the Power “ not to serve but to have control of the people by what ever it takes to gain the power ! A return to God is in order America one by one by one!

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