Speak up for Jesus

Today the talk about political stands dominates a lot of the conversations. Is anyone taking a stand for Jesus.? The best way to speak up for Jesus is to first acknowledge God in your causal daily conversations with strangers or your casual acquaintances. If you take God everywhere you go he will easily become a part of your conversation. So don’t exclude him from your grocery trips or everyday treks. Be alert to body language or facial expressions for reactions and let the Lord lead your next move. A sincere act of kindness or help followed by handing them the Christian-endeavor card and reminding them that God Loves them is a good way to get the ball rolling in conversation. This can be then or at a later date. If nothing happens you are still speaking up for Jesus by this reminder of God’s love. This may spark into a desire to hear more.  It may remind someone they are moving from God rather than to God or just reassuring to hear of God’s  from another.  

You can get your card by visiting Christian-endeavors.com. Maybe you have a group that would like to join in this mission. If so, request the cards you need.

Woe is those who make unjust laws to those who issue oppressive decrees to deprive the poor their rights and w/o justice from the oppressed of my people. Isaiah 10:1-2
Said About 700 BC 

Martin Luther King had clear cut goals
And a plan of action to use the laws of the Land and accomplished those w/ non violent protest and in the process changed the hearts and attitudes of the Bye standers!

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