Common Sense Found in Genesis

Little noticed by most of you in Indianapolis but, Sports attorney William Bock says NCAA rules that allow women transgenders to compete against women are not only unfair but what he calls ‘’sanctioned cheating,’’ which has prompted him to tender his letter of resignation as a committee member on Infractions to NCAA Rules. Bock has long championed drug testing and led charges of anti- doping and has tried to provide a level playing field for NCAA athletes of both sexes. Good for you, William. It is time that the sports organizations stand up to this “man-made craziness” in our current society. Where we let man-made ideology rule over things that allow a way to let the “end to justify the mean.“ This thinking is that of dictators such as Hitler” and unacceptable in our America.

It seems that the NCAA has defined that a man can become a woman by limiting his Levels of Testosterones as to quantity, over time and testing. Such to make men and women eligible for competition against each other. You do not have to be a Biochemist or a MD to see through this folly.

Not long ago the Bible was used as a reference to establish the TRUTH. We can swear in a president with a hand on the Bible but, that is only a symbol surviving our history. Man-made laws are so much more sophisticated and there are leaders in our government that believe the Bible is only a fairly-tale. They believe that political ideology will bring about a happy and peaceful society in our divided nation.

God made all including those that Govern us. He made man and a woman to be his mate. Neither are lesser but both are to cling together as one to face the world. He did not say “God made man and woman with more differences than testosterone levels”; other-wise we would not populate our planet. It seems our populations tends to grow. God is still in control and will let us continue our follies. Then there will be those that call on His name. Those that believe will live out their lives as believers and those that do not will live theirs according. God has a plan by which we are to live out the life he gave us. Accept it or refuse it. He gave us the choice.

Gene Robertson

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