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Our Mission is to remind those in need that God loves them and wants us to love and help one another through sharing the "Smile Card".

Here is the "Smile Card"

How do I become a part of this mission?

  1. Get the Smile Card (Christian Endeavor Card).
  2. When you see someone that looks in need of hearing that God Loves them!
  3. Pass on this card with an act of Kindness and love.
  4. Learn more at “The Mission” page.


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Remind them to help someone else and to share this message with them.
Need help?

Can I get cards online? Yes...

Send your request for a card or cards to smilecard214@gmail.com

The “Smile Card” in text…

"Smile God Loves You"

Christian Endeavors

Draw near to God and you will find Him as near to you as you will allow Him. God is always there for you. Follow the teachings of Jesus; Love your God with all your heart and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. And with this you have fulfilled all the commandments.

What good is it for someone to say they have faith if their actions do not prove it!
James 2:14

Find those in need and help them.
Pass on this card with your act of love and kindness as a reminder that God loves them and we are to love one another. This card is not your to keep. Help another person and pass it on. Visit Christian-Endeavors.com to learn how to get more cards or become a part of this ministry.

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