God morning family and friends… (1)

Some of you may know that I had a brother who suffered with mental illness. When I was a young boy it was a struggle for me to see this once hero of mine doing things that I didn’t understand. He had changed from that big brother who would ride me on his bicycle and let me jump on his back. The big brother that was smart as a whip and a great ball player in my eyes. I listen the other day as people talked about a man struggling as if it was as simple as just stopping. As if he could just hit this switch and he would be okay. It was if they thought that he chose to be. That is the problem with our culture. We are sometimes in denial because we don’t know what to do and so many of our people struggle to get the limited resources. As hard as my mother tried. It was like punching a brick wall with your fist. To whom it may concern. Know that we serve a God who can do all things. Lord we come humbly before You and we place our mentally ill family members in Your hands. In Jesus Christ name Amen 🙏�

Rev. Christopher

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