Is Technology the next Tower of Babel

We are being fed by our media the things that fit our way of thinking. Your favorite news channel knows what you want to see and provides it to your liking. The news like all sources of information is driven by the almighty dollar. In other words; advertising dollars. Large corporations must have your eye and must know your buying habits and how and where you spend your money . Algorithms (a mathematical and scientific problem solving system of analogies } are used to gain your personal information. You are studied by all the common electronic devises and an analysis of who you are and even your ideology is a statistic used for marketing purposes . The world is now one big market place and countries constantly hack into each others technology to gain information and influence the citizens to promote their self interest and politically ideology and even elections . So where does this leave you as a Christian and follower of Christ ? The Church has and will survive all of man’s designs of the how we should live together . The Bible tells us to trust and obey and we already know the end of God’s story. Remember the story of Babel? The outcome was languages and the population of the Continents! Be assured God is in control now as he was then.

Mankind is now in the process of building another Tower of Babel though technology. We already have those that profess that we have outgrown the need for God and plan a Utopian government that will end all of man’s problems .The Government is to be all knowing and will see to it that all is fair, just and equal for all. Lenin said :“That every form of government has within it’s self seeds of it’s own destruction” ! In other words Democracy moves toward Socialism and Socialism moves toward a Democracy ! Stalin did not believe this of course but the desire for freedom from the communist totalitarianism resulted in fall of the Russian Communist Party in 1989. History teaches us there is a lot to what Comrade Lenin prophesied.

Now in America we see the ugly head of Marxism emerging through the the Democratic Party. Of course Marxism, is presented to us as Progressive Reform , Inclusion and equality for all is the song being sung but it is still the same old song of Communism! The same scenario as always must exist and here are movements and signs:

There must be victims of injustice.
Identification of the oppressed
Identification as the oppressor
Media propaganda to spread discontent
Women identified as victims and sexual freedom promoted
Disintegration of the institution of marriage and families
Government institutional-ism of the children and their education
Government regulations and control of the economy and jobs.
Silencing the Church

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