A double minded Man

James defines a “double minded man “as one that ask God for wisdom but doesn’t really believe he will receive what he ask for! He who doubts God is like a wave on the sea blown and tossed by the wind. James 1:6. Tony Evans takes this application further in his podcast Power of Faith, to include those that read the word and follow the ways of the world in their thinking rather than trusting Jesus. Attending Church on Sunday and feeling spiral but having a lack of application by Monday upon returning to the world of man is an example of being double minded ; the one mind to follow Christ teaching and one mind to think worldly ! The winds of the world blow him about just as the wave on the sea subject to the direction of the winds of the world . With no spiritual compass to us, each of us is tempted by our own evil desires . Then after desire is conceived , it gives birth to sin; and sin when full grown gives birth to death. James 1:14 . Without our Spiritual Armor our own evil desires will prevail. See Ephesians 6;11 ! We tend to personify the Devil ! The true is it is our own evil thoughts and desires that we fight ! To fight our evil desires we need Christ in our lives. On our own we are helpless against sin in our daily lives ! That is why we must take in spiritual food ! Spend some time daily with the father . He will supply your armor against the evil within ! We all try to fight this alone and God wants us to seek his help ! Just be still and listen . Shut out the distractions . This is very hard to do ,for the ways of the world have great demands on our minds and hearts. I will try to give him some time each day in his word or just listening quietly and waiting for his thoughts to come into my head ! How about you !

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