2020 America Votes

This year we will have the largest turn out of eligible voters in a presidential election. But what does an American voter look like? The American voter looks much different than the post WWII voters of the 40’s and 50’s. We are a very diverse nation of: Protestants – Catholics –   Muslims – and now immigration of South Americans and Orientals has brought new ideas of government. Also, the economy has changed to a global market bringing in foreign influences and ideologies. The race problem has flared again as America has made legislation after legislation since the Emancipation Proclamation thru the Civil Rights acts – Affirmative Action but passing laws has failed to solve the racial division on equal justice under the Law. Maybe America? IT is is a problem of the heart. Perhaps the problem is most likely going to be solved at the municipal level where the problem exist. People working out problems on their own and bringing these concerns to their local government rather than the remote federal Government. People listening and talking openly to discover the way others perceive the racial problem and the effects it has on their daily lives. The Church universal was once the moral compass of America. The Christian morals were taught even when remotely by grand parent or some other member of the family. The last few generations until recent have shown a decline in Christianity. In short, we have loss the moral compass which gave us direction. A revival is underway to refocus America. God has always blessed the nations that blessed him. God knowns the rest of America’s story. Evaluate each Plank of each party by what the Bible has to say about it before you cast your vote. On Wednesday next, God will still be in control of his world regardless of the presidential winner. As a Christian you will be a part of God’s kingdom and an American citizen. The Bible tells us, to honor your Government and its elected officers. Christians of the time of Christ had nothing to say those that ran their government and many Christians today are persecuted by their own governments. Count your blessings!

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